Sarah & Eric & Baby Wyatt makes three
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Fanpage for the beautiful couple, parents and actors Eric Christian Olsen and Sarah Wright Olsen.
They married at near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on June 23, 2012.
They announced in April that they will have a little boy in August 2013.
Wyatt Oliver Olsen was born on 16th August 2013 at 7:45 p.m., weighing 9 lbs., 8 oz
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Dani:…and then eventually I think it will also be a connection point between Deeks and Kensi like they both been tortured and they both know what’s like to be there so how is that make two people connect.

Eric: I think there is a darkness in him (Deeks) that there exploaring, I think that he has emotional repercussion from what happened to him as a kid, I think he has a lot fo rage inside of him, all the torture stuff, the PTSD.

Eric: They really wanted to see that relationship progress and I think this is the first time he is ever felt love for anything really. And i think that trying to navigate life and trying to navigate work you know with this new found filter is very difficult for him…

(I personally love how clearly they see these characters, and what’s going on with their life)

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VIDEO | Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt Oliver Olsen!

Thank You to everyone who took part in this video

Gallery Update | Sarah Wright Olsen, Daniela Ruah, Anna Anissimova, Benedita Pereira

—> Oakley Performing Beautifully in Santa Barbara 14/11/2012

We are close to the day when Eric&Sarah’s little bear will celebrate his first birthday. (16th August, 2014)

What do you say we make it special and make a birthday video for him.?

If you have a few minute free time

  • snap a pic of yourself holding a paper which says Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt  or something like this…
  • snap a short video with your brthday message for Wyatt (please try to stay within 1 min)
  • or be creative and find a cool way for your message

The important thing that it will be made with love. :)

Where can you send your stuff?

  • email:
  • Twitter: hashtag #Happy1stBirthdayWOO
  • Message at our Facebook Page (link)
  • submit at Tumblr : LINK

Deadline for you to send your thing: 15th August, 2014.

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Ok let’s do this my first public account!!!!! #marryme #TCA2014 #sarahwrightolsen @jeffkkim it’s about time?


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Eric Christian Olsen at the screening of short, BALD yesterday  (#)

Sarah Wright Olsen with Joana, hair&make up artist for Daniela Ruah’s wedding back in June. (#)

Photo via Hair Fusion Lisboa

@Miguel_J_Ferrer gives the answer= #Densi #naked > #fanspassout

Find out more info by clicking to the link

April 2013 | Eric Christian Olsen, Daniela Ruah, Linda Hunt, Chris O’Donnell shows their love to Patrick & Jess (x)

Photo of the #NCISLA cast from March when they watched the Oscars together.(x)

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